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Software designed specifically for Building Inspectors in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia

For the Apple iPad

Report it Quick is the work of a veteran of the building inspection industry who was dissatisfied with the selection of building inspection software available. It’s best described as a user-friendly and highly intuitive iPad app, for building and home inspection professionals in the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Report templates are fully customisable to suit your requirements. You’ll spend less time inputting data, as an entire report can be created from one single screen. Download your free trial!

The easiest, quickest and most comprehensive inspection software available.

Single Screen Operation

Report It Quick allows you to complete your whole report from the one screen. No page or screen changes.This allows you (the Inspector) to maintain concentration and gives you greater capacity for SPEED in your reporting.

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Simple to Complex Reports

The complexity and structure of different reports vary. Report It Quick allows you to tailor your report with the degree of simplicity or complexity that suits the nature of your inspection type.

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Adaptable To Individual Styles

All inspectors will have very different approaches to the structure and wording of their reports.  Some like a lot of detail with copious disclaimers on all comments. Some like disclaimers to be on the page heading only.  With Report It Quick...You decide

Have the flexibility to mix and match your reporting structure and style.

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Use: Onsite, In Car, At Office

Carry out and complete an inspection on site.
Write it up in the work van after the inspection.
Or write it up at the office or home.

Using the iPad and Report It Quick you are truly mobile.

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